Gas is painfully expensive right now and it doesn't show signs of improving. We have ways to help you alleviate that cost.

As if you need the stats to remind you, the average gas price in Iowa right now is $4.56 as of today. In Illinois, the average gas price is $5.40. Nationally, the average today is $4.87. *winces in pain, gets Flintstones car*

It comes at what's absolutely the worst season for it: summer. Fams are headed to Disney World. Everyone is getting married and going on honeymoons. I already backed out of one girls' trip in part because of the fuel costs to go. It sucks to drive around and see fuel prices going up in the QC by the day. At the moment, it seems hard to get anywhere. Driving is expensive and flights are pricey (and problematic with a bunch of groundings because of the pilot shortage). That leaves the options of train or floating down the Mississippi River on a raft.

We all know there are a lot of conventional ways that you can save money on gas: carpool, bike, take the bus or Channel Cat, or just walk, even if it's a 2-and-a-half-hour stroll to the other side of town. Why not? #fitness. But there are some methods that you might not have considered before that may prove to be necessities before the summer is over. Scroll down to see our expertly curated list of suggestions that could help you save loads of cash on gas.

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