Baby showers are always fun to attend, but it's kind of required to buy a gift when you attend unless you're the mother-to-be. But what if we told you there is a baby shower you could attend and you don't have to bring anything? In fact, this baby shower is giving you as the parents free stuff. Quad-City community members, agencies, and organizations are coming together to help parents in the Quad Cities by hosting a drive-thru Community Baby Shower & Resource Event on Wednesday.

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Over 25 local agencies are coming together to host a drive-thru Community Baby Shower & Resource Event. This event is for parents in the Quad Cities to attend to find resources for their children and families.

The Community Baby Shower will be held in the Modern Woodmen Ballpark north parking lot on Wednesday, August 17th. The baby shower begins at 4 p.m. and ends at 6 p.m. Families will enter the Modern Woodmen Ballpark north parking lot at the entrance at the intersection of W River Dr and Western Ave. Officials will have directions to show vehicles how to drive through the event.

As a parent myself, I know how expensive diapers can be, especially when your kid goes through them like crazy or you have multiple kids. To help parents save a few bucks, Hiney Heroes will be at the Community Baby Shower providing free newborn to size 2 diapers while supplies last.

Donations have been made to the baby shower which will be given away as prizes.

ommunity Baby Shower 2022
Community Baby Shower 2022

The Community Baby Shower will feature over 25 local agencies sharing resources and information with local families. Some of the agencies that will be there include:

  • Davenport Public Library
  • Vera French
  • Pregnancy Resources
  • United Women
  • ECI Scott County
  • Freight House Farmers Market
  • Community Health Care
  • Amani Community Services
  • ISU Extension and Outreach
  • Amerigroup
  • City of Davenport
  • Hiney Heroes
  • Family Resources
  • Safe Families
  • Parent Pals
  • World Relief
  • Iowa Total Care
  • Scott County Health Department
  • Nest Cafe
  • Community Action
  • Iowa Works
  • Genesis Health
  • EveryChild
  • Scott County Kids
  • Tapestry Farms

If you have any questions about the Community Baby Shower & Resource Event on Wednesday, August 17th, call 563-328-4114 or visit the Facebook event page.

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