The city of Davenport declared a snow emergency this morning that goes from 5 PM this evening until 7 AM Saturday morning. You may be unsure of exactly what to do or where to park when this occurs. Here are some guidelines:

For starters, parking on posted snow routes downtown or in the Hilltop neighborhood is a BIG no-no. The city makes it no secret that violators will be ticketed and towed. Unsure if you're in a snow route? Here is a map of Davenport snow routes and here is one of Moline routes.

If you live or work downtown, you have the option of parking in one of the city's three parking ramps overnight for free. Maps of the ramps can be found here.

As Rob explained in this post, snow shoveling is the law in Davenport, as per the city's Sidewalk Snow Removal Ordinance. Make sure your sidewalk is cleared within 24 hours after the snow stops falling or risk dealing with the City of Davenport.

In Moline, you have even less time- inspections will start taking place 12 hours after the snowfall ends. Check out the post for full guidelines on each of the QCs. There are programs to assist residents with shoveling if you are unable. More info can be found here.

Have any further questions about parking or snow removal? Here are some FAQs on the city of Davenport's website.

As always, drive slow during and following a major snow event. Safety should be the number one priority for everyone, which is why these ordinances are enforced.