I'm pretty sure this was just a good ole boy meaning no harm, but an original Dukes of Hazzard car just crashed over the weekend in Missouri. No word if Boss Hog was in pursuit.

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We can laugh about this now because apparently no one was injured, but one of the original Dukes of Hazzard cars crashed Sunday in western Taney County in Missouri. This is one of only 309 cars that were originally built for the classic TV show.

There are very few details released about this single-vehicle crash other than it's believed the vehicle was traveling too fast for conditions. There were two occupants in the car (Duke brothers?) who were transported to a hospital to be checked out, but it does not appear there were any significant injuries. As for the General Lee, things aren't looking so good for this car. That front end is gonna take some work.

Did you know that according to Esquire one of the original General Lee's was wrecked by an actor unplanned as they were filming the show and the wreck was so cool that they wrote it into the script? (*Insert Loud General Lee Car Horn Sound Here*)

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