Our studios are located on Brady Street in Davenport, just a few blocks up the hill from where several downtown streets have become engulfed in flood waters. While the flooding has caused a variety of issues for the city, many people are flocking to see the high water from the Skybridge. We decided to go and take some photos for you in case you weren't feeling up to navigating detours and dealing with other potential hazards.

Davenport Flooding

Pumps are working tirelessly to keep the flooding at bay. Standing next to the flood barrier, the Mighty Mississippi is only inches from eye level.

However, the ducks and geese seemed to enjoy the lack of traffic as they swam down River Drive.


It was a little scary taking the Skybridge elevator down to the ground level. It seemed like water would start rushing in at the bottom, kind of like the scene in "Titanic".

Luckily, no water got in. In fact there was a convenient little patch of dry ground just outside the Skybridge's "riverfront" entrance. It is the Mississippi River's newest island.

If you do venture down to the river, please be cautious and avoid getting in the water.


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