We knew it was coming.  We just did not know in what capacity or schedule size.

Although we speculated it with Tom Kakert from Hawkeye Report and Scott Dochterman from The Athletic today on "Don't Hassle Us We're Local", we did not know for sure that the B1G would shut down out of conference play.

Around 2:30PM CST the B1G Conference made the official announcement.

How does the schedule look for Iowa in 2020 is still not known.  Of course the B1G will try to limit to travel of every B1G team.  Sure we will find out soon.

As regard to the Hawkeye's non-conference schedule, this will be the first time that the Iowa Hawkeyes have not played the since the series started a continuous schedule since 1977.

Ditto to this tweet from Marc Morehouse...

The University of Iowa's Athletic Director sent out a message from their Sports Information Department...

The past few months have entailed numerous conversations between my conference colleagues, Commissioner Warren and our Big Ten presidents, as we have worked to navigate the challenges associated with this pandemic. The uncertainties have been difficult on our student-athletes and coaches and I appreciate their continued understanding of the situation. I am grateful for our fans who are also waiting for direction. While many uncertainties still exist, today’s decision will provide the greatest amount of flexibility as we move forward

-Gary Barta-- Iowa AD

I don't think this looks good for B1G, NCAA, nor Iowa football in the Fall of 2020.  Like Scott and Tom said on our show, this is looking more like a Spring football schedule.

May God have mercy on on the NCAA basketball season-- it is next.



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