The City of Bettendorf has decided to close Splash Landing for the rest of the season.

It's closing to the public for the season due to the paint used in the pool. WHBF reports that the pool was painted last September but the condition has been deteriorating. This isn't a new problem as the city has been dealing with it since May. They have tried several solutions to fix the paint problem but they're not working.

The issue: the paint has made the pool cloudy when there are a lot of swimmers in the pool to the point that you can't see the black lines at the bottom of the pool.

Note that the closure is just to public swim because the pool can't get crowded without being risky. It's possible though to have smaller groups in the pool as filters can clear the water out before it gets cloudy.

Lap swims, swimming lessons, private rentals, and paid parks programs will continue as scheduled. Anyone who has a summer pool pass will be eligible for a refund.

This isn't a new problem for Splash Landing. The pool has been having issues, namely this one, ever since they opened for the season. It had to close the same day it opened earlier this summer because of this paint issue clouding the water, then had to operate under limited capacity because of it. The city tried to fix the problem by draining the pool and having a specialized cleaning of it done.

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