Sir Charles Barkley recounts one of his "least favorite" days, when he stripped off his clothes in the middle of winter, and fought three guys at a Milwaukee, Wi bar. USATODAY

The year was 1991, and Charles Barkley was as famous as they come. The NBA star was known for being mouthy on and off the basketball court, but he could always back it up. Chuck was never afraid to get physical on the court and mix it up...Apparently the same vibe happened OFF the basketball court as well.


While out for a drink with a female friend in Milwaukee, three "weightlifters" thought they would test Charles Barkley and see how tough he really was. This led to an epic throw down complete with Charles doing some Karate Kid poses and the "Round Mound of Rebound" stripping his clothes off...what?

"I took all my clothes off because I had these three guys who were trying to beat me up. I wanted them to think I was crazy. I remembered the ‘Karate Kid’ — these three weightlifters come up on me. And I had to take my clothes off. I thought they were gonna think I was crazy because it was snowing too." - Charles Barkley 

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One of the guys kept standing in front of "Karate Kid Barkley" and ended up taking a Barkley shot to the nose, and Charles broke his nose. Barkley ended up getting arrested for breaking this guys nose, and was taken to jail. $500 later, Charles Barkley was released after a wild night of naked fighting in Milwaukee.

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