This is a considerably bigger honor for Coach Moynihan than the last time the Bears presented him with an award. 

It was just a few weeks ago on April 27th that the Chicago Bears honored the Harlem head coach, Bob Moynihan, with Coach of the Week honors in Week 5 after he led the Huskies to back-to-back last-second wins against Hononegah and suburban power Prairie Ridge.

They called back with an upgrade.

Not only is Coach of the Year a much greater honor than Coach of the Week, but the source of the award has improved dramatically as well.

I did NOT respect, like, or particularly care for the Bears on April 27th. That was before someone took over Ryan Pace's body and orchestrated a beautiful draft to land what possibly could be the first megastar QB in Bears history with the selection of Justin Fields out of Ohio State.

I do like, and care for this version of the Bears. We're not quite back to respect yet. That will need to be earned.

I've said this before but as a 1997 graduate of Harlem, this was NOT what I remembered as our football program. We set the record for losses in a row my sophomore season and it only got a little better from there. Harlem had a few decent teams that challenged for the NIC-10 but never really made any noise on the state level.

In one year, Coach Bob Moynihan has changed the perception and culture of football at Harlem.

Thanks, Coach. It's too bad we couldn't have seen what these guys could have done in a "regular" season but what you guys accomplished this year was literally the best you could have done and was impressive. Looking forward to seeing what the future brings for Huskie football.

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