Nobody puts baby in a corner.  And you really would have a hard time with it living in this circular house.

The folks from Zillow Gone Wild found this gem in Rolling Meadows, Illinois if you can get over the circle shapes, and the fact that it looks like Mickey Mouse from above (more on that below) it's actually a really nice house with an amazing indoor pool.

Modern Circle Home in Rolling Meadows

The seller describes the home as a "Custom built brutalist modern home" with a "one-of-a-kind feel"  There are no doubts there when you see that everything is in circles, right down to the display bed.

A spiral staircase sits in the cylindrical three-story tower. Featuring a 2-story heated pool with a water slide. There are also awesome features like a see-through gas fireplace between the living and family rooms...which was probably necessary based on the circle design.

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While there are some parts of the house that you can tell are older (it was built in 1976) much of it has been updated with hardwood flooring a full bath perfect for after a swim. and a beautifully updated kitchen.

The skylight (also round) shines through both the top & main levels. And master bedroom comes with a circular bed.  Cause you can't throw off the feng shui with a square king bed.

The home, while right there in the Chicago suburbs, is set on a wooded half-acre of land.

Now let's talk about why it looks like Mickey Mouse

Heather Owino - Keller Williams Success Realty
Heather Owino - Keller Williams Success Realty

Do you see it?  It's Mickey Mouse when he's wearing a birthday hat.  With the little poof ball on the top.  I can picture that old cartoon with his face wearing that hat.

It's not identical, but something like this from Minnie.

Ryan McCredden
Ryan McCredden

Ok, maybe that part is just me.  But still, the house is made up of 3 circles and 2 circle patios.  It's wild, and you can check out the entire thing below.

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If you are not a fan of corners, then this house in Illinois is for you. Circle rooms, patios, and pools await you.

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