It's the time of year where snow and ice can cause travel headaches for us all. Cities in the area have plans in place to combat snow and ice, however, that doesn't mean that it won't be a headache.

Looking at Davenport's comprehensive plans to battle snow and ice: When a Snow Emergency is declared parking on snow routes is a no no. Rebels who leave their vehicles there will be ticketed and towed. Parking on non snow routes is discouraged as well. The city recommends parking in driveways and garages, downtown in the city owned parking ramps (which will be free in a Snow Emergency), even parking on our front lawns if necessary.

Don't even think of snow blowing all that snow from the driveway onto the street, that's a no-no. Not shoveling the walk is another no-no. However, do expect the plows to push snow back into the driveway. That's called a windrow and the Municipal Code says that's our problem.

Snow happens and it can cause headaches. There's just no way around it. Keeping the Quad Cities open in a snow storm is a big job that requires a little sacrifice from us all. Davenport's plan is pretty comprehensive. Check it out here and sign up to be texted when a Snow Emergency is declared.


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