Animals all over the country are looking to get adopted and find their forever home. A local humane society is trying to make the dogs they are currently housing the luckiest dogs in the world a reduced adoption fee during the month of March. The Clinton Humane Society has a 'St. Paw-Trick's Day' special this month to help families find the newest member of their family at a lower price.

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If you're looking to add a new member to your family that's loving, cuddly, and barks, the Clinton Humane Society is giving you a chance to bring a dog home at a reduced price. The Clinton Humane (1473 Main Ave) is currently having a 'St. Paw-Trick's Day' special to help the dogs they are currently taking care of have a lucky life.

From now to March 31st, those who adopt a dog from the Clinton Humane Society will only pay a $50 adoption fee. This reduced price only applies to the dogs at the Clinton Humane Society.

Before heading to the Clinton Humane Society to meet these awesome pets, you can browse the dogs and cats that are up for adoption on their website. Some of the animals may already be adopted or their adoption may be pending.

Before adopting an animal from the Clinton Humane Society, you must complete an application for the humane society to review. Adopters must be at least 18 years old to adopt a cat or dog. Clinton Humane Society officials remind those who rent their home that they must have landlord approval in order to adopt.

You can find the adoption application here.

Find more details, take a look at the cats and dogs at the Clinton Humane Society looking for a forever home, and more by visiting the Clinton Humane Society's website here.

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