It all started when a family who fostered cats decided to combine the two things they loved to do some good. "Crystal Cat Cleansing" is a family-run business in Cedar Rapids Iowa that puts a spotlight on cats who need a new home while also selling different stones and crystals.

A portion of the funds from the crystals go into housing, food, litter, and toys for the cats they foster. This family will take and help any cat. They've dealt with it all at this point when asked about the hardest litter to help, cofounder Angie said,

"The hardest one we ever had was a litter of kittens with ringworm, it took months before they were ready for a family."

The family decided that instead of donations they could use their knowledge of crystals to also start a business to help expand. The best part is that many of the cats get to model with stones and crystals.

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Take-Home A Cat Or Crystal

If you'd like to be a new cat owner, you can learn more here.

You can look and buy from their crystal collection here.

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When asked why they wanted to do this, Angie said.

"I've always loved animals, and want to help in any way I can, but sometimes the price got a bit high since we give the cats away for free to help them find that perfect owner. So one day while setting up my crystals I figured why not try to sell them. My husband loved the idea and even started making and crafting his own stuff. It's been a lot of fun."

Iowa Cat Crystals

Crystal Cats Cleansing is all about helping the cats of Iowa. They found a way to do that, and be able to start a business with something they love. You can see some of the crystals they have right now.

More information about adopting a cat or buying crystals can be found here.

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