The Davenport Police Department is hiring. No, not just for police officers, but they will soon be conducting a search for its new Chief. Davenport Police Chief Paul Sikorski announced he is heading into a well-deserved retirement in August after almost three and a half decades of service to the Davenport Police Department.

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On Thursday, the Davenport Police Department and Davenport Police Chief Paul Sikorski announced that he will be retiring on August 29, 2022, after 34 years of dedicated service to the Davenport Police Department, according to a press release from the department.

Sikorski started with the Davenport Police Department in 1988. He has served the agency in every division during his tenure, including 24 years on the department’s Emergency Services Team.

Sikorski spent a significant portion of his career (14 years) in the special operations and investigations divisions serving in the Gang Unit, Vice/Narcotics Unit, the Detective Bureau, and as a supervisor in the Tactical Operations Bureau Covert Unit. Sikorski served as the interagency coordinator for a variety of partnerships including the Metropolitan Enforcement Group (MEG), the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the Iowa Department of Narcotics Enforcement, and numerous others.

Sikorski was sworn in as Davenport’s Chief of Police in January 2016 after serving as Interim Police Chief.

Chief Sikorski said in Thursday's press release,

“It has been a pleasure serving this community. Leading and working with a brilliant team, demanding collaboration with others, bringing innovation and a focus on the future of our police department and our profession during some very difficult times has been such a blessing."

According to the press release, during his tenure as Chief, Sikorski was passionate about promoting collaboration between the Davenport Police Department and community groups to address public safety issues holistically within the community. Sikorski was an outspoken advocate for the creation of the Coordinated Assessment Program (formally the Youth Assessment Program) as a means to assist youth and their families prior to involvement with the judicial system.

In addition, he assisted with the creation of the Scott County Law Enforcement Community Partnership. The partnership is intended to maintain and enhance positive relationships between the Iowa Quad Cities’ law enforcement agencies and the communities in which they serve.

The City of Davenport intends to conduct a national recruitment for Sikorski’s successor beginning in May. The City anticipates naming the next Police Chief prior to Sikorski’s retirement in August.

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