The first time I ever saw a "dueling pianos" set was on vacation in New Orleans.  They were serving those buckets of booze and I set ours on the little stand-up bar/leaning post that was leaning a little too much and it slid right off and all over the floor.

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But the rest of the show was amazing!

Watching live music is always one of my favorite things to do, but to watch 2 musicians play off of each other and take requests and be spontaneous was just incredible.

Impromtune Dueling Pianos, a team of super fun, super pro musicians that will have you singing and laughing all night. This Friday, July 22 the Belle will be hosting a party you have to check out!

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Free Tickets


If you would like tickets for free, just download our app & make sure the notifications are turned on.  This week we'll be sending out notifications for a shot at free tickets to the show!

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"The Celebration Belle are excited to welcome Impromptune Dueling Pianos! Aaron and Annette will bring your favorite requests from a 7-decade catalog, a bit of hilarious banter, and a ton of fun! We will be selling our homemade pizzas on board and there is a full bar to purchase your choice of beverages."

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Reservations are required.

Adult: $30.00

Click through to to buy tickets now and of course, turn on your App Notifications to have a shot at free tickets.

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