It's 1991 in Toronto, and I'm trying to impress a girl, so I buy scalped tickets to a sold out Blue Jays game. Midway through the 2nd inning people show up claiming the seats are theirs and sure enough they are. I got sold bogus duplicate tickets.

A Quad City man experienced something similar at the Bob Seger show at the iWireless Center on Saturday night. According to a local report, the man, who paid $296 per ticket, got to his seats and found them occupied.

Turns out that the tickets were posted on multiple ticket reseller sites including StubHub where the area man bought the tickets. Since he was second to arrive, his tickets were considered duplicate and invalid.

According to the report this is becoming a common practice. In the published report, iWireless Center box office manager Greg Mouw says duplicate ticket issues occur five or six times at every big show held at the venue. And there is nothing the venue can do about it since the transactions are being handled by a third party ticket reseller website.

The local man managed to get two nosebleed seats for Saturday night's show, and will receive a refund from StubHub for his original purchase, but there is nothing to stop this kind of thing from happening to other buyers unless they stick to purchasing from authorized ticket vendors.

As always, buyer beware.

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