Survivor's Sarah Lacina is back at it again! The 38-year-old police officer from Eastern Iowa is one of the contestants on the reality competition series The Challenge: World Championship.

Sarah Lacina is no stranger to reality competition shows. She made her TV debut on Survivor: Cagayan, then Survivor: Game Changers and Survivor: Winners at War. After her time on Survivor, Sarah became the champion of The Challenge: USA, which is how she landed her spot on The Challenge: World Championship. She competed on The Challenge: USA last summer in Argentina with other CBS reality show contestants and ended up winning $254,500!

According to The Challenge FandomThe Challenge: World Championship is a new spin-off of series that was filmed last October and November in South Africa. The description reads:

"The season features winners and MVPs of The Challenge Argentina, The Challenge Australia, The Challenge UK, and The Challenge: USA that will be partnered with Challenge legends from the MTV flagship series. The pairs will have to win, play, and politic to avoid elimination and reach the $500,000 prize."

If you want to see Sarah in The Challenge: World ChampionshipVariety reports that the series will debut on the streaming service Paramount+ on March 8th with two back-to-back episodes. You can read more about the show and check out all of the contestants The Challenge Fandom page HERE.

We absolutely LOVED watching Sarah on Survivor: Winners at War back in 2020. Even though she didn't win, she was a force to be reckoned with! We can't wait to see her dominate on The Challenge: World Championship.

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