The holidays aren't even here yet and some of us are already burned out.

If you started partying the week before Thanksgiving chances are you need a break. There's a new study that asked when people in each state get burned out on holiday cheer and need a break from drinking and parties.

We'll tell you how Iowa and Illinois fared in a minute, but overall, most people in America will be burned out by December 15th, which is this Wednesday.

The study asked how long you could go if you started praying on Black long would it take for you to keep that going before you burned out. Yes, we're talking about partying and drinking too much. 

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Most of us are partied out. In fact, if you live in Iowa, you needed a break last Thursday, Dec. 9. Illinois residents, you burned out on Friday, Dec. 10.

Wonder which state has the stamina to keep the party going? It's New Hampshire. Their burnout date is this Wednesday. Delaware, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania petered out today, Dec. 13.

Wondering which states bailed first? The party ended just one week after Thanksgiving. Those states who called it quits on December 3 included Vermont and Montana.

To see the state-by-state rundown or if you think you might need some help taking a break from the party, you can check out the full list and resources here.

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