How much beer do you think will be drunk during Super Bowl LV? Last year, an estimated 325.5 million gallons of beer were consumed during the championship game, according to Men's Journal. Hopefully, sports fans will slow their beer-guzzling roles during the game itself because there is a shot to get free beers during the game.

Here is a genius marketing idea from Miller Lite. Why not give their fans an opportunity to walk away from the game as a winner? This is an especially nice gesture for fans whose team isn't in the game. (Maybe this will finally help those football fans who have been drinking away their sorrows.) Be watching for Michelob Ulra's commercial and then head to your address bar.

Okay, truth be told I did not copy and paste the above text. There may or may not be errors in that text because it's 800-something words, which is three-times more words than this article. Good luck, and drink responsibly.

[H/T FOX 6]

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