Did you know 82% of Americans still listen to terrestrial radio every week?  That's not including the people who listen to radio stations but on streaming devices like websites, smart speakers, and station apps.  Like perhaps the one you are reading this story on right now.

Americans have had the ability to listen to music in different forms for nearly a century.  So a radio station promoting a record and CD show shouldn't be a surprise.  We know there are options for music, but we also know how many of you come back to radio every week.  And we appreciate that!

Vinyl Sales Are Soaring


Vinyl was the only way to listen to recorded music.  Then came tape in versions of reel-to-reel, 8-track, and cassettes.  Then the digital age hit Americans with CDs.  Then, of course, MP3s.  And while MP3s are the easiest way to get and consume music, not being able to hold onto the music is a detriment.  People still want that physical music with the art they can hold, see, and feel.

While CDs are still popular, vinyl albums have taken over as the way to collect and listen to music.  In the first half of 2023, vinyl sales were up 22%.

CDs saw an increase as well, but only 3.8%.  So when a free show comes along with all those options, it's a good time to see it all in one place.

Buy Sell and Trade at the Quad Cities Record Show


The Quad Cities Record Show will be held on Sunday, October 15th from 10 AM-3 PM at the East End Bolders Club in Moline, Illinois.  The show will have FREE ADMISSION with over 20 vendors, featuring vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, music memorabilia, stereo gear, and plenty more for the music enthusiast.

Quad Cities Record Show
Quad Cities Record Show

Keep up with the event and let them know you are coming on their Facebook page.

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