On Thursday, the Board of the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GMCCI) announced its selection of a new President and CEO. The President and CEO is responsible for executing a plan to meet the following strategic directions for GMCCI:

  • Business services and advocacy
  • Talent cultivation and workforce development
  • Business expansion and recruitment
  • Commercial corridor revitalization
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Tourism and marketing

The GMCCI said in the press release that this position became available with the resignation of Erik Reader. Reader moved on to another opportunity after serving in the role for two years.

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The GMCCI conducted a nationwide public search which included the support of two recruitment firms. The board didn't need to look far as ultimately, the ideal candidate was right in Muscatine. The Board is excited to have an opportunity to work with Dr. Brad Bark, as the next President and CEO of GMCCI.

Bark has been dedicated to Muscatine since his move here in 2007 the press release says. He had a successful chiropractic clinic and also worked to renovate additional buildings downtown. He sees the potential in the people and other assets in Muscatine and is passionate about working with others to bring Muscatine to its full potential.

Bark is going to be a busy person as he also currently serves as Mayor of Muscatine. Bark said about taking on the two roles,

"I recognize that serving in both these roles provides some unique opportunities and some unique challenges. I plan to work through any challenges by remaining committed to my approach of always listening to what people have to say and working to find common ground."

As the Mayor, Bark is a nonvoting member of the Muscatine City Council. However, should any conflict of interest arise between the City Council and GMCCI business, Mayor Bark will exercise the ability to recuse himself.

Gage Huston, Board Chair of GMCCI commented in the press release,

“Brad has demonstrated a strong commitment to making Muscatine great. He is somebody with good vision and excellent relationship building skills and those talents will serve GMCCI and our members well in the coming years. The current GMCCI staff are doing so many great things and I look forward to working with Brad to continue building on that past success. Many people in Muscatine, including business owners, reached out to the board to express support for Bark’s candidacy. His cooperation and great people-skills and passion for his hometown were highlighted many times.”

Brad joins a talented team in GMCCI which includes interim CEO, Rebecca Paulsen, Hannah Howard, and Dena Ferreira. Bark said about the GMCCI team,

“I am very excited to join the team at GMCCI. I’ve been so impressed with the work that the current staff have been doing over the past couple of years and I’m anxious to get to work with them more closely to serve Muscatine and our members.”

Bark is expected to begin his new duties at GMCCI on July 6th. The GMCCI Board hopes the community will join them in welcoming Brad to this new role.

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