Ok to clarify, the greatest apple pie comes from your Grandma.  It doesn't matter if it's not the best, something about Grandma's baking is just better.

But, if you are looking to get some apple pie from somewhere else, then look for the one that comes from Wisconsin in a brown paper bag and you'll be able to savor the best apple pie in America.

Make The Trip to Get Some Pie Cooked In A Bag

The Elegant Farmer started in 1946 and has more than pie in a bag.  But that is what they are now most known for.  When the Wall Street Journal, the Food Network, and more proclaim it to be the best apple pie in America, then it's going to be the thing that they are known for.

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Why cook the apple pie in a paper bag?

According to The Elegant Farmer "Being baked in a paper bag makes the top crust uniquely crunchy while keeping the traditional bottom crust amazingly light and flakey".  It also keeps the filling soft and juicy giving it the perfect combo for the most American of treats.

And, as you can see below, there are many places to buy apple pies from The Elegant Farmer, or you can see how to try and make one on your own.

This is the part where I meant to have a picture for you.  But well, as my mouth watered to dive into the pie, I forgot to take a before picture.

But here is the "after" picture!

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

The pie is cooked in a paper bag but comes packaged and ready to grab and go.

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Where Can You Get The Best Apple Pie In America?

The Elegant Farmer has expanded operations since 1946.  While everything that they produce is only available in their headquarters located at 1545 Main Street in  Mukwonago, Wisconsin, they can't sell 250,000 apple pies a year from just there.

That is why you can get your apple pie in a bag at over 400 locations across Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan.

Can't make it to any of those locations and still want to give it a try?  Well of course you can buy it online.  But instead of paying $9 for the pie in person, it's going to cost you $69.95!  Yeah, you read that right.  But hey at least shipping is free.  You'll spend less on gas, and get it faster and cheaper if you just drive to get your pie in a paper bag.

Make Your Apple Pie In A Paper Bag

Of course, you can also try it yourself.  There are plenty of recipes out there (including this one) for apple pie in a paper bag.  They are all a little different here and there but one thing they have in common is they say "For about the first 30 minutes you'll smell paper burning".

Whether you try to make your own or you make the drive to a place for an Elegant Farmers pie you'll wonder how you ever had apple pie NOT made in a paper bag.  Just don't tell Grandma how much you like it.

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