Of course, I enjoy sports.  I love baseball, too.  I like podcasts-- they are what I listen to when I work out.   Some of you enjoy Olivia Rodrigo in you ear buds, I prefer podcasts.  So when I found out about the serial podcast "The Rumor" I knew that I would be hooked.

Here is the description of the podcast according to Apple:

An unlikely conversation at a birthday party sends two friends on a madcap quest to find out if a salacious sports rumor is true. As their investigation circles the legacies of baseball Hall of Famer, Cal Ripken, Jr., and Hollywood legend, Kevin Costner, they find themselves re-examining their deepest-held beliefs about belonging, believing, and what makes a hero. While the truth proves more elusive than a well-thrown knuckleball, one thing is certain: their lives will never be the same.

Let me some this up for you-- on August 14, 1997 Cal Ripken, Jr., while at Camden Yards, realized that he forgot something at home.  He returned to his house to retrieve whatever he was seeking and, maybe or maybe not, found his wife (Kelly) in bed with actor Kevin Costner.  They got into a fight and Ripken called someone at Camden to tell them that he would not be in the starting line up that night.

If you are reading this-- you know how significant that means.

Someone killed the power to Camden Yards that night and there was not a game to be played-- keeping "The Streak" alive.

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This is a appointment type of podcast-- meaning it will be weekly.  Which may or may not be awful to wait for this story to unfold but like I wrote earlier...


This will never take away from the fact that I think Cal Ripken, Jr brought back baseball after the 1994 strike-- before the home run chase of 1998.  But I think it is an incredible story to unpack about an baseball icon and a movie icon.  Follow along with me, please.


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