A Northwest High School football coach was fired after refusing to stop praying in front of his players as a tradition after football games. Joe Kennedy, a former Marine, started this tradition back in 2008. After every game he would pray at the 50 yard line. Some time parents, players, and even players from the other team would join him. He never received any complaints until one day, a member of an opposing school complained.

The district then told Kennedy he could continue his tradition as long as he waited til all players had left the field and were gone so they couldn't witness his praying.

He refused. When he refused, he was fired.

Kennedy tried to appeal this, and was denied by the district court. The 3 judges decided this based on the fact that Teach have a duty to serve the community and Coach Kennedy was essentially forcing his beliefs on his players and influencing them with is religion.

“Banning all coaches from praying just because they can be seen is wrong and contradicts the Constitution,” said Kelly Shackelford, president and CEO of First Liberty, who said the institute will ask the Supreme Court to hear the case.

“We will keep fighting on behalf of Coach Kennedy until his religious liberties are fully restored,” he said.

It has now been announced that Joe Kennedy will go to the supreme court for an appeal.

What are YOUR thoughts on this?

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