This isn't one of those nationwide surveys that tries to make some sort of outrageous claim about our eating habits. This information comes straight from Quad Citizens just like you!

Klinger will post some sort of question on the Dwyer & Michaels Facebook page some time in the afternoon to spark up a conversation with our listeners. Yesterday he hit a nerve when he asked, "What is your preferred method of reheating pizza?"

And the number one way people in the QCA like to reheat their leftover pizza is... they don't. That's right, you maniacs prefer to just eat it right out of the refrigerator, cold.

Now, I'm more of a skillet man myself. I think everyone started out just using the microwave and then learned just how much better it tastes if you put in a little effort.

Here's the top answers broken down by percentages:

  1. Cold – 39%
  2. Oven – 29%
  3. Skillet – 12%
  4. Pizza Pizzazz – 11%
  5. Microwave – 5%
  6. Air Fryer – 3%
  7. Grill - 1%

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