If you've always wondered what the best way is to upset and anger a fast-food restaurant customer, here it is in just two words:

Change something.

With consistency being the key to success in the world of menu boards and drive-up windows, changing even the slightest thing about your processes can really annoy your fan base...as Culver's is now learning after an announcement the other day about a change the beloved Midwestern franchise is making.

There's Coke in there instead of Pepsi, okay?No. No, it's not okay. (Getty Images)
There's Coke in there instead of Pepsi, okay? No. No, it's not okay. (Getty Images)

Culver's Has More Than 900 Locations In 26 States, And Has Been Called One Of America's Favorite Burger Chains--But That Doesn't Mean Their Fans Are Cool With This Particular Menu Change

And, that menu change, as you may have guessed by now, is changing over the soft drinks at Culver's from Pepsi to Coke.

Reactions to this move are...well...let's call it "mixed."

Maybe it's my age speaking here, but if Culver's switching from Pepsi to Coke "ruins your day," I would think that your life is going along pretty well. I mean, your day wasn't ruined by high gas prices, inflation, global uncertainty, crime, or anything that usually qualifies as a day-wrecker. Your day was ruined by...soft drink selection?

Getty Images
Y'all got any of that Royal Crown Cola? (Getty Images)

Not Everyone Is Taking This Changeover Badly, Though

Some don't care at all, some actually welcome the changing of the carbonated guard at Culver's.

It appears that there's one thing that Culver's fans on either side of this debate have in common, and that's their love of Culver's root beer.


Reddit thread on the switch shows more fans were also concerned about the chain's signature root beer leaving than the Coke/Pepsi debate.  "As long as they keep the root beer," said one. And, "so long as they keep their house root beer, it's no skin off my nose," said another.

Those fans have no reason to fear because the rep also said that Culver's Signature Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, and fresh brewed sweetened and unsweetened tea would still be available.

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