The day after posting the story about how police officers can shoot our dog after entering your house if they simply bark or move, one of my friends from Central Illinois posted a heartbreaking status update about how her dog was shot multiple times by a cops who entered her yard. She was out of town in New York during the incident. Her dog was allegedly shot in her driveway. The dog is currently at the vet and is expected to live. Still, my thoughts and prayers go out to Britney and her family!

The police responded to a call Wednesday morning saying the dogs were loose in their yard while the owners were out of town. When approaching the driveway, the officers allege one of the dog "charged" at them. Some neighbors recant a different version of the story. However, the dog that was shot weighs 240 pounds. So, you can imagine how spooked the officer was. One neighbor does noted the dog may have been vicious, but no word on if anyone else actually saw the dog charging at the officer.

We will keep you updated on this story.

Here is a statement from Britney from her personal facebook page.
"Updated: Theo is still alive. I don’t know all the details of what happened but my dog WAS shot on MY property even after I told the officer my mom would be there in 5 minutes. Animal control and my mom are going to take him to the hospital. We are trying to save my boy from across the country. Please send healing vibes our way.

Officer Hahn with the Creve Coeur police department just shot my dog in his own driveway!!! This piece of sh** hadn’t even called animal control. I was just on the phone with him and said my mom was on her way and not even 5 mins after we hung up he had shot and my dog on my property! Now he’s going up and down my block trying to find people to support what he did."

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