We hear it every year during New Year's celebrations; don't drink and drive. But it's something we need to remember every single day. The good news is, Illinois clearly does!

In a new study from SmartAsset, Illinois has the fewest number of DUIs per 1,000 people. While Illinois only has 0.43 DUIs per 1,000 people, Iowa has 4.02. As someone from the Illinois side of the Quad Cities, I'm seriously proud of my home state!

On top of it, a different study by WalletHub found that Illinois has the second fewest number of DUIs among teenagers.

Those are just the DUI stats, but there's more good news. In SmartAsset's study, Illinois was ranked as the 11th best in terms of overall driving. Iowa came in at 15th. We might have some road rage, but we're still good drivers! Must be the midwestern niceness.

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