Ah, the Super Bowl.  The highly anticipated evening that brings people together for a night of food, drinks, and tons of screaming at the television.

On Sunday, millions of people will host incredible parties with wings, pizza, dips, and cheese spreads.  Don't forget the friend who shotguns a beer after every touchdown.

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Just how many people will celebrate in Illinois, though?

Illinois Named One Of The Best Super Bowl Party States In America

Coming in at #1 isn't Illinois... it's Pennsylvania.  The biggest partiers in the country!

"As home to both the Eagles and Steelers, Pennsylvania houses two of the NFL’s most diehard fanbases." [NDD]

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Touching down at #2 in America... Illinois is the nation’s second-biggest party state.  Shocking, considering the Chicago Bears aren't playing this year lol.


In other states, some just don't care enough to join the bandwagon.  Alaska (10.3%) had the least amount of party people watching the Super Bowl this year, along with South Dakota (10.8%) and Alabama (15.2%).

I'm not a huge football fan, but I would prefer a more low-key party with just a few friends and munch on snack foods and wine coolers all night lol.

I got work the next morning, I can't be hungover!

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Regardless of the size of your watch party, all you need is good company. So gather around the big screen, grab your finger foods, beers, and wear your favorite jerseys for one of the most-watched events of the year!

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