It is no secret that there are still racial issues in America these days. In fact, many of us still see it in our every day lives. Even locally in the Quad Cities we see it happen all the time. Some people reading this might even catch themselves racial profiling. Let's not be mistaken, whites, blacks, Mexicans, Asians, and all other races are racially profiled everyday. Statistics show that blacks are more likely to be racially profiled than any other race. In our own state of Iowa there is an investigation. Let me be clear that this investigation isn't quite here in the Quad Cities, but it is still very close to home. The Des Moines police department is currently under investigation for racial profiling after many reports and complaints about police officers racially profiling, according to the Des Moines register.

This video produced by NowTHIS shows a black man being pulled over an allegedly racial profiled. The cop seemingly harassed him and accused him of having weed and weapons in his car, Even went as far as to hinting towards the fact that he thought the car was stolen. The car was not stolen, he had no weed, and had no weapons. He was let go with no citations after be detained.

Again, the Des Moines police Dept is under investigation. We will keep you posted.

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