Finding quality, affordable, and accessible health care is important to everyone. Finding health care that checks all three of those boxes can be difficult in some states compared to others. A new list has come out showing which states are the best and worst for health care. Iowa landed pretty high on this list while Illinois could do some work.

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Our friends at WalletHub came out with their list of 2022's Best & Worst States for Health Care. In order to determine the best and worst states for health care, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across three key dimensions:

  1. Cost
  2. Access
  3. Outcomes

WalletHub then evaluated those dimensions using 42 relevant metrics. Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the best health care at the most reasonable cost.

After doing a bunch of math that none of us have the time to do, WalletHub determined each state and the District’s weighted average across all metrics to calculate its overall score. Those overall scores created WalletHub's list of 2022's Best & Worst States for Health Care.


Source: WalletHub

How did the two states that make up the Quad Cities do? Iowa did quite a bit better than Illinois.

According to WalletHub, Iowa is one of the best states when it comes to health care. To be exact, Iowa is the 10th best state for health care. Iowa's overall score was 58.80. Here is how Iowa ranked in the three key dimensions:

  • Cost - 6th
  • Access - 31st
  • Outcomes - 13th

Here are some other fun facts about Iowa that WalletHub found in this study:

  • 11th in Hospital Beds per Capita
  • 26th in Physicians per Capita
  • 7th in % of Insured Adults
  • 7th in % of Insured Children
  • 15th in % of At-Risk Adults with No Routine Doctor Visit in Past Two Years
  • 17th in % of Adults with No Dental Visit in Past Year
  • 30th in % of Residents Age 12+ Who Are Fully Vaccinated

Illinois on the other hand was a little further down the list. WalletHub found that Illinois is the 25th best state for health care. Illinois' overall score was 54.01, and here is how Illinois ranked in the three key dimensions:

  • Cost - 25th
  • Access - 18th
  • Outcomes - 27th

2022's best state for health care is Rhode Island. The worst state for health care is Mississippi.

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