It's that time of year. We've had a few snow falls. The plows have plowed and thrown salt everywhere. Our streets have frozen and thawed a few times. That means it's pothole season in the Quad Cities! The Quad City Times caught a tweet from the City of Davenport saying crews would be working 10 hour days and Saturdays to fill pot holes around the City.

The Quad City Times also reached out and asked residents on the social app Next Door about where the worst potholes were in Davenport, and it seems according to resident responses: Locust Street. In my opinion the worst pothole is the one you go over in your car that makes your teeth chatter and you wince at the potential damage to your car.

Did you know you can report potholes? You can make a request electronically here. You can call the City of Davenport at 563-326-7923 Monday-Friday between 7:00am -4:30pm. Drive safely and avoid those potholes! Report them too.

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