In a world where everything's constantly evolving, it's no surprise to find yourself giving a look of utter disbelief when someone younger than you holds up an object and asks, "What in the world is this thing?"

The '70s Was a Time of Change - BIG Change

In the '70s gadgets were popping up left and right, becoming must-haves faster than you could say "disco fever."

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1970s Swanky Decor
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It felt like every aspect of life was getting a gadget to make things simpler. In the kitchen, there were utensils that could slice, dice, and juice anything under the sun, while appliances kept chugging along, still going strong today. Sure, they might be relegated to keeping your beer cold in the garage now, but they've been at it longer than the shiny new one you just picked up. (Tip: Buy the extended warranty.)

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But, as history loves to repeat itself, what was once a game-changer soon found itself collecting dust in the back of closets and then later on this thing called "eBay" on the "World Wide Web." We didn't even see it coming.

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