You have to really love Busch Light to buy a pair of these! Iowa's unofficial favorite beer is teaming up with Crocs for a couple of new designs that will be available very soon.

A recent article from USA Today reports that the limited-edition Busch Light Crocs All-Terrain Sandals and All-Terrain Clogs will officially launch on their website next Monday, May 6th. The article reads:

"The All-Terrain Sandals ($65) come with a survival flashlight, while the All-Terrain Clogs ($85) come with a rolled-up koozie and have a zipper design with flannel flair. Sandals and clogs are available in sizes 6-12."

But wait, there's more! If you don't want to pay for your fancy new Crocs, there's a way for folks ages 21 and over to win some free ones! The press release says that until the end of May, fans of the shoes participate in the "Camp Out for Your Crocs" contest. All you have to do is go camping in the month of May, and then upload a photo of yourself out in the wilderness on the official website HERE. Oh yeah, and camping at NASCAR races counts, too!

I wonder how many of these Crocs we'll spot in Iowa this summer! You can read more about Busch Light Crocs from the press release HERE.

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