It's not every day that you spot an Iowan hanging out with the stars of a 90s sitcom!

If you're a fan of the band The Pork Tornadoes, chances are you're familiar with the name Mike Schulte. Well, Mike isn't just the drummer of the popular Iowa band, he's also one of the hosts of a well-known podcast called Confused Breakfast. Back on March 5th, Mike posted a photo on social media that had a lot of people asking questions. It showed a group text that Mike was involved in with three famous brothers! The caption read:

"Never thought I would be in a text thread with the Lawrence Brothers…. But here we are. More on this later."

Cut to March 15th. That's when Mike finally posted an explanation to his earlier photo. He wrote:

"Lots of people wondering why I was in a text thread with Joey, Matt and Andy Lawrence. Well, cat is out of the bag. When I was in LA, I was a guest on their awesome podcast called The Brotherly Love Podcast.

Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence are real life brothers and the stars of the 1995 sitcom Brotherly Love. The oldest, Joey, was a child actor in the early 80s and played Joey Russo in Blossom and Joe Longo in Melissa & Joey. Matthew, the middle brother, is best known for his role as Chris in Mrs. Doubtfire and Jack Hunter on Boy Meets World. And Andrew, the youngest, was the voice of T.J. in the show Recess, and also appeared in a number of other TV shows and movies.

According to YouTube, the Brotherly Love Podcast features "up-close and personal conversations with the brothers about what it was like navigating their childhood in the public eye, the crazy moments and stories from behind-the-scenes, and call-in's from fans where they give their advice on family dynamics, relationships, and more." The podcast, which debuted last year, often has special guests, which is how Mike got an invite! He spent over an hour with the brothers discussing fan theories about their favorite movies, his daughter, his music, and his epic beard! You can check out the full episode below:

This isn't the first time Mike has been invited on an episode of a well-known podcast! In 2022, he and his cohosts AJ Vens and Sean Prior got to hang out with comedian Bert Kreischer on his Bertcast in LA! You can check out that recording HERE.

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