Turns out, a porch light color might be a homeowner's statement.

Porch lights tend to be a secondary thought for a lot of us, unless we realize we left it on or forgot to turn it on so the food delivery guy can find us. Mostly, porch lights are a yellow-y or soft white color instead of a bright, sharp LED blue-white. While the lamp casing they're in can be just a style preference for the homeowner, actually the lightbulb color can too and it can say a lot more about who lives there.

It's a trend going around to use different colors in a porch light to mean different things. Sure you could change out the lightbulb color to reflect the season, like using an orange bulb in October, a green or red bulb in December, that kind of thing. Just because a house has a certain color in their porch light doesn't mean there's a deeper meaning there. But with the trend, colors in a porch light can carry a stronger meaning behind them. The trend is homeowners using the bulb color to promote awareness, support of different causes, or even a signal to you.

If you see a particular kind, it could be a call for help. For safety reasons, some of these porch light colors are very important for you to know in case you come across them.

Scroll down to see 7 porch light colors you could see around here and what meanings are behind them.

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