Recent snow this week in Iowa has built up to as much as 6 inches in some areas. But what do we have to do when it comes to shoveling it?

Snow is in the forecast for the QC this weekend, mainly on Saturday night, and it could accumulate to 1-3 inches of snow, after it's already been snowy this week. Even into next Tuesday and Wednesday, there's yet another chance we could get 1-3 inches of snow. 'Tis the season.

During the system that pushed through earlier this week, Northern and Central Iowa, according to an Iowa Environmental Mesonet map shared by NWS Des Moines, got quite a bit of snow.

We know we have to clean off our cars when there's a build-up of snow on it. If it's bad enough like it got in parts of Iowa this week, we have to break out the shovel. But if there are several inches of snow on the sidewalk in front of your house, do you just have to take care of that?

Short answer: yes.

Most Iowa cities mandate that the resident is responsible for clearing the pathway in front of their home after a snowfall. But you're on a time crunch.

In Davenport, you have 10 hours after a snowfall to clear off that sidewalk.

In Cedar Rapids, you have 24 hours after the snow to clear your sidewalk (or an inspector could show up).

Iowa City & Muscatine have the same timeframe rule as Cedar Rapids.

Bettendorf's sidewalk snow removal code is more lenient, giving a resident 48 hours to clean up the sidewalk.

Clinton's timeframe is about as tight as Davenport's, giving residents 12 hours to clean up the snow in their business district.

Would you rather curl up inside with hot chocolate and not go anywhere on a really snowy day? Of course. But take a few minutes and shovel your sidewalk.

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