It's been pretty hazy around Iowa & Illinois lately and we know why.

If you've been driving around the QCA this week and thought to yourself "geez it's kinda hazy out today", you're not alone.

The Reason

Our hazy skies this week are due to what's happening north of us. Our neighbors north of the border in Canada have been dealing with about 90 wildfires, according to NBC News. It's because of the unusually hot weather in Alberta. The fires are serious, having displaced about 20,000 people as of Tuesday. Satellite imagery from NASA shows that the wildfires have burned about 1,800 square miles of land in Alberta and Saskatchewan also as of Tuesday.

NBC News/Government of Alberta/Canadian Press via AP
NBC News/Government of Alberta/Canadian Press via AP

So of course, that smoke has to go somewhere and it's trickling down into the States. Besides Iowa, evidence of the wildfires are in Montana, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota. Iowa DNR says that unhealthy levels of air quality will be present as the smoke passes through Iowa.

NBC News warns that the wildfires could impact global energy prices. Authorties told NBC that production of 2.7 million barrels of oil each day is within areas in “very high” or “extreme” wildfire danger rating zones.

The wildfires could still hang around Canada, there's no end in sight for them. As for the air quality in Iowa, the Iowa DNR says that "intermittent and patchy smoke episodes are possible throughout the weekend". They advise you to limit your time outdoors until the air quality gets better.

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