Maybe because it's summer but I keep noticing a lot of trash all over the place. Like, more than normal. I especially see it along highways and interstates in the ditches and makes me think, "Do we really have that many litterbugs out there?" I guess so.

Somehow, someway, Iowa has three of the cleanest cities in America. One of them is actually one of the Quad Cities. That's right, Davenport is considered a clean city, according to this new study.

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Bigger cities not only mean more fun and things to do, but means more people polluting the air, littering, putting their trash everywhere, and all of that grossness. To find out which cities are the dirtiest and the cleanest, LawnStarter ranked 2024’s Dirtiest Cities in America.

This year, they expanded the study to include over 300 of the biggest U.S. cities based on 4 categories. More specifically, LawnStarter considered air pollution, water quality, waste management, and resident dissatisfaction levels in each city, among 21 total metrics.

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The city that was named the dirtiest was San Bernardino, California. But we assume that these big cities on both coasts are full of filth. What's surprising to us is how low the cities in Iowa landed on this list.

Of the 5 Iowa cities on this list, three of them landed in the top 15 cleanest cities. Which cities were they?

8th Cleanest - Sioux City

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9th Cleanest - Des Moines

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13th Cleanest - Davenport

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Cedar Rapids was named the 266th dirtiest city, or the 37th cleanest city. Iowa City was named the dirtiest city in Iowa and the 212th dirtiest city overall.

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