Nothing sounds more like an amazing time than enjoying the views of the Quad Cities while aboard the Celebration Belle. Unless Impromptune Dueling Pianos are on board, then that sounds like an even more amazing time.

The Quad Cities' favorite dueling pianists are back aboard the Celebration Belle this summer and we have your chance to win tickets to see them for free. They'll be on board the Celebration Belle this June, July, and August. But these tickets are for this Friday, June 21st!!!

Celebration Belle via Facebook
Celebration Belle via Facebook

Impromptune Dueling Pianos On The Celebration Belle

Impromptune dueling pianos are coming to the Celebration Belle. Your favorite requests from a seven-decade catalog, a bit of hilarious banter, and a ton of fun! Plus, when you're on board you'll be enjoying homemade pizza for sale and a full bar to purchase your choice of beverages.

If you've never seen Impromptune Dueling Pianos, this is the perfect way to see them for the first time.

The Celebration Belle will board at 6 p.m. with the cruise from 6:30-9 p.m. Before you sign up to win free tickets for this Friday night's fun, tickets to guarantee a spot on board are just $30! That's right, just $30! Make your reservations today at celebration belle dot com, or call celebration river cruises at 309-764-1952.

Win Tickets For Friday Night Fun On The Celebration Belle

We have 10 pairs of tickets to hand out for Impromptune Dueling Pianos on the Celebration Belle this Friday night! You have a solid chance at winning these free tickets but the only way to do so is by signing up below. Good luck!

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