We're recovering from the holiday weekend today and taking a look back at how it went.

The Monday following a holiday is never fun. We're pretty much all relearning our jobs and readjusting to our schedules and routines.

For a lot of us, the 4th of July was fun. We had cookouts, splashed around in the lake or the pool, and had a few bevys while enjoying viewing or setting off some fireworks.

But the holiday was kind of messy for a few Chicago suburbs. NBC Chicago says that one particularly huge incident happened in Lansing, in the Lan-Oak-Park District.

The village had to cancel their fireworks show because of a "huge surge" of people. A resident said kids were running around and screaming and police were present. You can see in cellphone video here people all over the streets and spilling into a Walmart parking lot.

It was the first year that the village had put in age restrictions, not allowing anyone under 18 without a parent or guardian.

Slight Malfunction

Meanwhile in the suburb of Wheaton, a 4th of July fireworks show was cut short because of an "unspecified malfunction", but it looks like the fireworks were going off alright...just on the ground.

Luckily, there weren't any injuries from that but it still looks scary.

In Lake County, Palatine, and Chicago, fireworks started more than a dozen house fires. Unfortunately, there was a man killed while handling fireworks in Chicago.

Illinois is one of three states that bans some or all consumer fireworks.

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