Of course dating is expensive, but the average cost of a date in Iowa is just too pricey.

The great debate continues: does the guy pay for a first date? (Tell me what you think in the app chat)

I've always thought that's the proper thing to do but depending on the situation I could also understand splitting the bill. There's also the argument that whoever asked the person on a date should be the one to pay.

But as I've dated more, it becomes just about leveling out and switching off who pays for a night out or you each cover your own.

It's an important topic since the average cost of a date in Iowa is super cringy.

How Much Would You Cough Up For A Date?


Most of my first dates have been to chill places in the QCA like breweries or relaxed, mid-tier restaurants. The total tab is generally in the neighborhood of $50.

Turns out, $50 hasn't been the average cost of a date in Iowa since 2018.

According to 2021 stats from Insider, the average cost of a date in Iowa is $97.44.

Proof that it's only gotten worse since then is that the national average for a dinner date in 2023 is $131.

If you want to really make it a night, the average cost of dinner and a movie in 2023 will run you $159, according to MoneyGeek.

And people wonder why so many millennials are single and not settling down. I'm not spending that on a non-special date and I wouldn't want my date or partner to either. Dating is expensive in general, as LendingTree found out. It's pricey enough to be an additional reason to stay single.

Chief Credit Analyst Matt Schulz (very accurately) said:

Everything is getting more expensive. It’s not just the new clothes, roses, ride-share, fancy dinner, concerts or the after-show coffee — it’s all of it. Even a quiet night at home with a bottle of wine and some takeout is pricier than it used to be. The extra cost of each of these things individually may not be earth-shattering, but added together, they can be a very big deal, especially when you’re living on a budget.

LendingTree also found that, when it comes to the tab on a first date, most daters said they would spend $91 at most. Which still seems too high to me.

Would you spend $91 on a first date? Who do you expect to pick up the tab? Let us know in the app chat!

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