At the radio station, we have an alley that goes from 13th St. to 12th St. in Davenport. During the winter, that stays pretty clear because of the crew we hire and that's where we get out trashed and picked up.

Not everyone in town gets their alley cleared which I'm sure warrants calls to the city with complaints. But there is a reason why your alley isn't one of the special ones that gets cleared by Davenport crews.


Luckily, there is a solution to getting your alley plowed this winter when the snow falls. The only thing is you have to talk to your neighbors. Good luck with that.

Not Every Davenport Resident's Alley Is Special

Ahead of the winter season, the Davenport Public Works Department wanted to clear the air about why your alley might not be one of the alleys in town that gets plowed.

Officials say that Davenport’s Snow & Ice Control Program aims to clear street surfaces sufficiently to support safe, efficient travel, commerce, and emergency response using available resources.

If your alley doesn't have an impact on any of those things, you won't see a plow clearing snow. Alleys are also only cleared when necessary to support solid waste services for these reasons.

Davenport Public Works officials want you to know that there is a solution to getting your alley plowed this winter. You can clear your own alley or hire someone to do it. Great solution, right? It's better than nothing, I guess.

Officials remind Davenport residents that the snow has to go somewhere and that somewhere isn't the street. You could be fined for pushing snow onto Davenport streets. Just put it in the yard of your weird neighbor.

Davenport Officials Remind You To BRRRR

I really hate talking about snow but we'll eventually get some.

Davenport Public Works officials want to make sure you're prepared before things get snowy and really cold in the Quad Cities with the simple acronym: BRRRR. Yes, that's four r's.

BRRRR is to help you navigate the winter, the roads, and prevent you from getting your car towed this winter. This is what BRRRR stands for:

  • B- Be in the know. Sign up for snow emergency alerts here.
  • R- Ready your vehicle.
  • R- Remember to move your car off-street to avoid being plowed in and help crews plow your street.
  • R- Relax. Leave early and drive carefully. Everyone is experiencing the same thing.
  • R- Reach out to neighbors who may need help with sidewalk snow.

Fortunately, no snow is in the forecast to an extent but it never hurts to be prepared.

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