Summertime is here and that means vacations. It's expensive to go anywhere nowadays, especially when you have a whole family to pay for. An easy and cheap vacation to take is by hopping in the car and seeing the sights.

You don't necessarily want to drive around Iowa or Illinois. You've seen those states because that's where we live. But if you want to save some gas and check out a state filled with fun for everyone, set your sights on Wisconsin.

Waterparks, breweries, professional sports teams, and a landscape that feels like home but with a few winding roads and hills. What else makes Wisconsin a great state to take a summer road in? A new study gives us the answer.


WalletHub has named Wisconsin the 11th best state for a summer road trip. We know what makes Wisconsin so special. I mean, Wisconsin Dells is the waterpark capital of the world. The Milwaukee Brewers play at Miller Park which is an outdoor stadium with a retractable roof. Plus, who doesn't love Spotted Cow from New Glarus Brewing Company or Wisconsin Cheese curds?

It sounds like I work in the tourism bureau there. But what makes Wisconsin so great in the eyes of WalletHub?

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WalletHub at states and how affordable, safe, and full of activities they are. Wisconsin is a cheap state to travel in, it's pretty dang safe, but the activities list is low. Weirdly enough, Iowa and Illinois aren't too far behind Wisconsin and Iowa ranks similar to Wisconsin. Thanks to Chicago, Illinois is all sorts of wonky.

But the Midwest is a great place to hop in the car with friends or family and have an adventure this summer. You'll find more than you think.

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