What in the candy-coated peppermint stick is going on in Wisconsin?

There are a lot of Christmas decorations we drag out of attics this time of the year. There's beautiful sparkling lights, yard reindeer, trees, ornaments, holly. Things that dazzle and give your heart warm fuzzy feelings of good ole Christmastide.


We're Buying New Christmas Decor Every Year

My family's toxic trait is getting new little Christmas decor nuggets every year despite already having tote boxes full of Christmas stuff (that I have to carry upstairs).

A study by Lombardo Homes found polled 1,000 Americans and studied Google search trends for each state. It found that Americans are spending an average of $70 on new Christmas decorations every year.


Wisconsin Just Has To Love This Weird Thing

Every state has a favorite Christmas decoration element to deck the halls with. Iowa's favorite Christmas decor accent are snowmen. That's one of my least favorite Christmas songs ever but that decoration does actually makes sense.

Wisconsin though. We need to talk about this.

Wisconsin is the only state in America that has an apparent Christmas obsession with...gnomes.


Other states are decorating with things like garland, Grinch-inspired stuff, lights, Nativity scenes, snowflakes, window candles, gingerbread...things that make sense in the holiday conversation.

But not Wisconsin.

They have gnomes.

Look, everyone has their own decorating style and I'm sure gnomes could work into a cute display somehow, but I would hope Wisconsin doesn't have dozens of front yards full of nothing but Christmas gnomes that look like they will militarize against you in the dead of night.

Are gnomes technically a Christmas decoration? Or are they kind of more a year-long lawn ornament? These are the questions we must ask ourselves as we decorate for the holiday season.

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