It's like if the Flintstones went to Rainforest Cafe.

None of us want to live in a boring house. We like to personalize it to make it feel like a ~home~. The whole trend of beige accents is still a thing but one house that's on the market in Wisconsin is a slightly different take on "natural" hues.

These are the kind of houses that make it fun to scroll through Zillow looking at houses I'll never be able to afford. In New Berlin, Wisconsin (about 20 minutes outside of Milwaukee, an hour and a half from Chicago), there's 1920 S. Springdale Road.

Factually, it's a very nice house. It sits on 17 acres, has a private lake, indoor swimming pool, and a game room, according to the listing. It's sprawling to 6,254 sq. ft. and sleeps up to 16 people. It has 3 sets of washers and dryers, 6 beds, and 7 full baths. Outside, it has a gazebo, beach, and firepits. The land has space for up to 40 cars to park on it. It can all be yours for a healthy $1.45 million.

Not surprisingly, there was/is hope for it to be sold to someone who will use it as an Airbnb. With all of the amenities and the overall vibe of it, how can you not?

Meanwhile, some of the best comments about the interior include:

  • "What in the Flintstones go to Jurassic Park is going on here?"
  • "I guess they wanted to live in a Rainforest Cafe."
  • "This house is owned by an alligator."

Really, none of them are theoretically wrong.

Scroll down to see pictures of the jungle-themed house for sale in Wisconsin!

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