What is the point of buying a truck? For the purpose of hauling things, right? But here is the tricky question, what if you want to haul precious cargo in the back of your truck? What if you want to put your best friend in the bed of the truck and drive? In some states it is illegal, but does that include Iowa? Let's find out.

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Is it Legal to Put Dogs In Truck Beds?

I see people do this constantly in Iowa. They drive around country roads AND city roads with their dog freely roaming around in the bed of the truck. The dogs never seem to mind, unless the breaks get slammed on and the dogs get knocked around. The owners don't seem to mind either until their dog sees a squirrel and jumps out of the truck to chase it.

Don't you think it's a little dangerous to let dogs roam freely in the bed of a truck while it's moving? Especially at a high speed!?

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Injuries the dog can sustain

Even if you have the most perfectly trained dog, it could still obtain injuries while being in the back of the truck. The dog could be hit with debris such as dust or sharp pebbles. Things could get blown to the dog's eyes and nose, causing health problems. Your dog could also be exposed to harsh weather such as heavy rain or extreme temperatures.

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How to keep your dog safe in a truck bed

You cannot just throw a leash on the dog and tie it to the truck. That is also very dangerous.

Your dog should have a sturdy crate that can be secured down so it won’t slide along the truck floor as you drive.

You can also use a cross-tether attached to a harness. This keeps the dog secured to the truck cab so they won’t be ejected in an accident.

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Just as you wouldn’t drive without a seatbelt, you shouldn’t let your dog ride in the truck bed unprotected.

Is It Legal?

In the state of Iowa, it is legal for a dog to ride in the bed of a truck. However, there are a few safety precautions you should follow depending on where you're driving.

  • If you are driving down a highway, your dog should be secured in a kennel that will not slide around during the drive.
  • If you are driving down city streets your dog should be safely harnessed in the truck to ensure it will not be ejected or try to escape.
  • If you are driving through farmland or hunting with your dog it is ok for the dog to roam free in the bed of the truck, as long as you drive at a slow and safe speed.
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