You're making your first trip to Wrigley Field to cheer on the greatest team in baseball, the Chicago Cubs. Sure we're biased but it's the friendly confines, so we're all about the love, no matter what. However, there are some things you need to know first.

Chicago, Everybody's Kind of Town

Do you remember the first time you visited the third-largest city in the United States?

Chicago is the kind of city you can't forget. Even though I grew up only a couple of hours from Chicago, I never made it to the Windy City during my childhood, I was 30 years old when I made my first trip to Chicago. My first visit to Chicago was to see a Bulls game in 1995 at the United Center.

Finally seeing all those buildings up close for the first time was breathtaking, I was also the driver, so my passenger was a nervous wreck as I could barely keep my eyes on the road.

It was still a few more years before my first Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Fast-forward nearly 30 more years and now, Wrigley Field is my favorite place to be in Chicago.

Things you shouldn't do at a Cubs game was the topic at a table of fans recently, and these were the 5 agreed upon "egregious" things to do (as Boog & JD would say during a Cubs TV broadcast on Marquee Sports).

Oakland Athletics v Chicago Cubs
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5 Things You Shouldn't Do at a Chicago Cubs Game


You shouldn’t keep a home run ball when the opposing team hits one. A Cubs fan should throw that thing back onto the field.


If the Cubs win the game, you shouldn’t leave before singing Go Cubs Go. And it's perfectly ok if you can't remember most of the words after the first verse and chorus.


(with kids)

Gallagher Way

You shouldn't forget their gloves and a ball so the kids can play catch at Gallagher Way amongst massive statues of Chicago Cubs legends.



(no kids)

You shouldn’t go anywhere near Wrigley without stopping at Murphy’s for a couple of pre-game cans of Old Style.

Murphy's Bleachers
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You shouldn’t deprive yourself of experiencing a Cubs game from the bleachers. You must do this often.


You shouldn’t go to a Cubs game and not participate in the cup snake collection. The rules of Wrigley say no, but do it until they make you stop. Then don't be a jerk about it, just stop.

Brian Cassella


If you can do it, you should take the train and bus to the game, you shouldn't overpay for parking


You shouldn't buy jerseys at the stadium, walk across the street to Sports World. There is a Cubs gift shop in Gallagher Way, they are pricey, but the selection is unreal.


You shouldn't buy peanuts (or bottled water) inside Wrigley, get that stuff from a vendor outside. The nuts are better and cheaper. And, don't open that water until you're inside, the rules of Wrigley say it must be unopened.

Two of America's most fabulous destinations are the city of Chicago and the friendly confines of the coolest stadium in baseball, Wrigley Field.

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