People who don't live in the Midwest cannot understand the things we do to try and stay warm. This outfit is saying you're from the Midwest without actually saying it.

I'm sitting in my garage in Illinois having a drink and watching the storm brew in the sky. I grew up in Wisconsin, where I fell in love with storm-watching from a lawn chair in my garage. If you don't live around here, and you see one of your neighbors sitting in the garage with drinks and the forecast calls for storms, I 100% promise you they're from the Midwest.

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Say You're From the Midwest Without Actually Saying You're From the Midwest


We call it pop, not soda.


It's been a week since I've had a fried cheese curd.

I'm all about hotdish and jello salads at family gatherings.


I've experienced all four seasons in one day.

If you wave to strangers on the street, if there's nothing but casseroles at the potluck, or if you often use the word


You're from the Midwest.

And if you've ever worn an outfit like this person in the photo below, YOU ARE DEFINITELY FROM THE MIDWEST.

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A Midwestern January feels like it's 100 days long and just a pair of jeans ain't gonna cut it. We put our pants on like everybody else, but in the Midwest, we've got some fuzzy PJs underneath. It was the only way to survive those cold mornings before school outside waiting for the bus.

Long underwear is effective but nothing keeps you warm like some pajama pants.

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