Hawkeye alum and standout football star, Cooper DeJean made a return to Kinnick Stadium and this return had nothing to do with "fair catches."

The former Hawkeye has had a busy spring and summer after being selected in the 2nd round of the NFL draft by the Philidelphia Eagles. After preparing for the draft and participating in the Eagles rookie camp and minicamp practices, DeJean had a weekend off to help coach young Iowa football players. DeJean wanted to give back to Iowa before beginning his first NFL training camp.

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Youth Football Camp

DeJean, along with some of his former Hawkeye teammates, Leshon Williams and Jay Higgins, held a youth football camp yesterday (June 30) and they shared their knowledge and passion for the game of football.

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According to Sioux Land Proud, kids in 2nd grade to 8th grade were able to hang out with, learn from, and interact with the former standout Hawkeye. DeJean said it was awesome to watch the kids experience Kinnick Stadium.

"First of all, being able to do it in Kinnick I think that’s awesome. Getting these kids the experience, to be in Kinnick Stadium, play around on the field, to give back to all the kids. Hopefully, they had fun, I enjoyed it. Hopefully, we can do it again next year."

The kids were able to participate in various drills, different contests, and different games, with each kid being able to meet DeJean and get a picture with him if they wanted.

Cooper's younger brother Beckett was also on hand to help coach, which made this a DeJean family outing. Cooper also added that he hopes he can hold more youth football camps in the future.


According to CBS Sports, DeJean will be all over the place in Philidelphia's secondary. There were some questions and a bit of mystery behind where Cooper would play in his first NFL season. During the rookie minicamp, DeJean usually was found practicing from the Nickel corner position.

DeJean made an appearance on the Up & Adams Show with Kay Adams and he said he's talked to the Eagles about 3 different positions. He could line up at Cornerback, might be returning kicks/punts, or possibly play safety at some point. Wherever they put him, he's excited for the chance to play.

(At the 6:35 mark, DeJean begins talking about what position/s he could potentially play)

I wouldn't be too surprised to see a lot of new Philidelphia Eagles fans in Iowa when the NFL regular season kicks off this September.

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